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Gabrielle was a bit annoying I must say. She felt like a victim most of the time and I wanted her to a badass heroine kicking some ass. She wasn't. Then things change and I was a happy girl. Anyway, back to book 1.

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Gabrielle was okay, needed a braver personalities and the power to recognize good things and bad things, which she doesn't have at all. My favorite characters were her two best friends: a gay fairy and an empathetic seer. Oliver was the funniest, crazier, foul mouthed gay teenagers I have ever read about.

His personality was phenomenal and I laughed every time he was on scene. Some may found his inappropriate statements a bit too much, but I loved them, they were always spot on and fun. But I kinda love inappropriate jokes shameless confession , so I dig that. Leanne on the other hand was the best friend anyone would want. She is funny, sympathetic, she's always there to listen, protect and guess the future for you. Not bad, right? And then there's our dear Andre de Leon , king of vampires and a celebrity among humans. He was such an interesting character. Sometimes you got the feeling he was hiding something or didn't tell the truth, but it didn't disappoint me or annoy me at all.

Andre was strong just as much as his personality was. He was cruel and loving, he was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide kind of character. Arrogant jerk and lovable man. Rough exterior and soft soul. And I liked that. He was also hot and that didn't hurt either. Action upon action creates a nice heart racing experience while reading this book. The question throughout has you jumping from one suspect to the next. The pages almost turn on themselves. You want to read more and more and you can't stop it.

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Yes, sometimes you may find it stereotypical or too common, but I have to say it depends on the mood. The end creeps up on you, leaving you a bit breathless. So many factors bring a good deal of WTH while reading and in the end, you lose it. You want more. Luckily for you there is book 2 already waiting for you. Will Gabrielle and Andre fall for each other? Will the supernatural world accept Gabrielle? Will she manage to survive? Who is the man in the suit and what does he want from her?

Go read it now and then you'll tell me if it isn't addicting or what. View all 5 comments. Sep 13, Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon rated it it was amazing. I started and finished reading it in ten hours. Orphan, check. Magical school, check. Two funny sidekicks, check. Main character clueless about own power, check. Then as I read on, all comparisons disappeared and I was taken into a completely different world.

Both magical, both captivating but oh so different. Gabrielle is an ass-kicking, fighting machine who can hypnotize you with her glamour and convince you to let her drink you dry. And everyone wants her dead. Able to hold her own against a year old vampire and the likes. Yes, this book is just another teenage paranormal where the main character turns out being the most powerful person on the planet…just another story with vampires, fairies, werewolves, shape-shifters, etc…just another doomed romance…BUT OMG!

It is so much more than that! The author had spun a common story into something else. I enjoyed it so much I bought the next book in the series!

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View 1 comment. So disappointed this was not even half as good as Mrs. Not as strong as her other books. Some good action. Some annoying characters.

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Kick ass h and alpha H. A fun and easy start to this series! You can tell this is one of her early novels, as the themes are a little cliche and predictable, kind of a typical sort of YA PNR.

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  7. I still enjoy her writing style and the characters she creates. If you want mor A fun and easy start to this series! If you want more of a look at the supernatural world and the politics of it, this book has much more world building surrounding that side of the story than Rhapsodic had which delved more into the Otherworld.

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    I really enjoyed that aspect! Mar 21, Mara rated it it was ok Shelves: love-triangle , bad-boys , young-adult , boarding-school , liked-it-but-didnt. This book had both, along with lots of 5 star reviews. We got a generic description of the school other than it being a castle, no information about any of the staff other than two teachers is given.

    Timetables, classes, students, uniform, for goodness sake even where they ate their dinner would have been nice to have been mentioned. But no, the author made the mistake of spending far too much time focusing on the hero. I have no problem with that, but the lack of world building seriously irked me. The story immediately lost a few stars for these reasons alone.

    Books are meant to take a reader on a journey; they should suck you in from the beginning. Although I have many problems with this book, it was a decent read. I liked the setting of the book at Isle of Man, although more description would have been better. What made me want to throw this book at the wall was how the news of the supernatural world was broken to Gabriella, I mean seriously?

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    Her reactions were laughable. I think the author was going for dramatic impact but it ended up sounding real silly. And Leanne was likeable but did not appear much in the book; I felt her friends should have taken a stronger interest in what happens to her especially after the amount of times she was nearly killed. It makes me want to scream really loud. This book was already in need of being edited better, they were many grammatical errors that I noticed. Overall, I think if I read this book a few years ago when I loved just about anything that I got my hands on yes I am talking about twilight and yes I am ashamed I would have liked it.

    Sep 29, Lynn rated it it was ok. The cover is pretty though. Aug 19, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: challenge. Gabrielle is orphaned at a young age and can't remember much about her birth parents. When she gets accepted into a foreign boarding school as a "legacy", she can't help but think this will lead her to answers about who her parents were.