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I like to use Shu Ha Ri approach to develop my team. Many young team leaders or managers, including me few years ago, who started career as strong technical people, very often try to be the best. They are afraid that someone else, especially people in their team, will become stronger if comes to technicalities.

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I used to be afraid also. Fortunately I grow up.

Reading people management books and blogs, having good managers and practicing helped me understand that I was wrong. I can fully admit it. I used to be a good automation tester who programmed well enough in Java. I know good practices, few test automation tools, design patterns etc. I like to use this knowledge to have technical discussion, mentor colleagues who needs me, and perform technical interviews for candidates.

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I can use it to show our approaches in tests to newcomers. I also help with less complicated tasks. This is Shu — people follow the rules. They learn — maybe new technology or just approaches that we took in our project.

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I have in my unit at least two great technical experts. When they learned how our project and company work they become very good performances. They stick to proposed approaches very soon. Those guys become key testers in their teams who were able to answer all questions, propose good solutions and fit team needs.

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The footage was first uploaded by YouTube user ericdaryl and then a shorter version of the performance was put up Korean DramAmazing Facebook page where it gathered over 21 million views. And the whole internet is going absolutely gaga over the performance.

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Parag Dhakate paragenetics August 22, That's part of taekwondo demonstration competition. This might just look like sorcery to your eyes but anything this flawless is something everyone should watch. You can watch the whole video here:. TAGS: martial art , south korea , taekwondo ,.


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For more information on how we process your personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy. Why do these people stand behind the fighters and offer them advice during the fight? Because they are responsible for the preparation of the fighter leading up to the fight.

Despite what you may see before the cage door closes, it should be taken into consideration that MMA is far from an individual sport. Regardless of it being based on a one on one structure, it cannot be ignored that a team is what makes the fighters ready for war. From my previous interviews with leaders of mixed martial arts clubs at FIU, I have taken away one major factor: they all believe that their success is tied to the work done with their team.

In a sport like mixed martial arts, there are so many disciplines that must be learned in order to compete. There is no one person that knows and executes every discipline of mixed martial arts perfectly. Because of this, a team is generally consisted of a variety of different coaches who teach methods from boxing to jiu jitsu to wrestling.

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