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I urge everyone to please refer this website themichaeljacksonallegations. Do you know of such a thing as Presumption of innocence? This is a great article with detailed information about the beginning of the allegations! He may have been TOO kind and trusting with some people who obviously took advantage of this. Unfortunately many refuse to believe his innocence even when faced with the facts. What is horrible is those who believe the tabloids story first before doing their own research into the allegations.

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Thank you for this informative article, it is accurate and has information that Dan Reed himself could have easily researched if he had cared to. It will be a go to piece for me to direct those less informed.

Free eBook on Michael Jackson from Amazon: Defending a King: His Life & Legacy

Like you, I am not sure if there is anymore we can do to stop the public from blindly watching this documentary without any knowledge of the history of what went before and forming an ill informed opinion of Michael Jackson. I really hope the Estate has a good plan to overcome what is to come in the aftermath, as they will sure need to earn their position as gatekeepers to the legacy that is Michael Jackson. Incluso McManus le debe dinero a MJ.

Michael Jackson: Life, Death and Legacy (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Como puede ser?. Very good article. Mrs Jackson is a strong and spiritual person and she knew that Michael would come under Satanic attack being in this industry. He was and even in death the most famous and loved entertainer on the planet. He was rich. He is black. Just those few facts sent him into the world of wolves who sought to destroy his physical body , in which they did. Thank you for this amazing piece of journalism. At the end of the day people are going to believe what they want to believe , which ;unfortunately is beyond our control.

All of which can be corroborated through existing detailed documentation.

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I personally think that when a person has more than a few allegation of pedophilia, where there is smoke, there is fire. To this day, some of my family still question whether it happened or not.

So I know the feeling of being on the other side of someone calling you a liar for the past 32 years. After all, who lies from age 8 to 40 for bupkis? But try telling that to the non believers. To fully clear Michael on these charges all allocations have to be addressed. Also there are the allogations of the female security and how she was warned off for mentioning it by the special armed men in black types which also appeared on Australian TV? Michael gave us so a lot, so much joy, goodness. Thanks to him I am looking at world and people totally different, I am not passing indifferently by poor and ill people, I am caring about our earth.

He is unbelievable, how the man is able to strip the second man of the respect only for money! Even now, for pieces of rubbish. Leave him alone!!!!! Many Many allegation leveled at this man. Where there smoke, there fire. Get a clue and stop further victimizing alleged victims.

I say alleged because neither you nor I can give a first hand account of what happened between him and those boys. For goodsake, get a clue and have some respect for abuse surviviors by keeping it to yourself! For goodnesssake, get a clue and have some respect for abuse surviviors by keeping it to yourself! Dear Damien, I do strongly strongly encourage you to watch the film.

Leaving Neverland: Is Michael Jackson's legacy ruined? - BBC News

It is very well-done, and you will learn important things that will astound you. Critics simply do not understand child abuse. Very few people do. I read every word of your article, and watched each video. They could tell you what I am desperately, passionately trying to tell you here. He would then teach the boys that women are bad and evil!!

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This ultimately resulted in entire families being torn-apart and destroyed. We HAVE to consider this as very, very, very possible!! And THAT is in the film! Michael himself saying these things to these boys!! Damien, you have no clue that that is true!! Because MJ was open about sharing his bed with children, you dismiss the inappropriateness of that.

But MJ was so patient and gentle and took a lot of time grooming the boys for sex.

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And each boy felt deeply loved and enjoyed the experiences. VERY common with sexual abuse and rampant abuses of power. Thank You for listening to my notes. I care enough about this issue to listen to both sides. Read this article and thought much the same as you. Your reply is so well written and explained brilliantly. Just thought I would so appreciation for this.

Well written.

Defending a King His Life & Legacy (Paperback)

You can understand what happens to a human that experiences abuse and that gives your post much credit. Few others have the mindset to understand the feelings … denial and shame etc which is the result. Watching Neverland gives a glimpse of this. Ok you say watch the film watch the.

Film and this and that. Read the actual court documents, reviews what you call inconsistencies but have been proven to be nothing but lies. I first hand know about this subject and oh yes you do remember and even down to the smell. Come on now. All these months later sonyou still feel the same? If this is an issue and you would like me to remove the peices of your article please let me know.