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There was much electoral fraud. Mexico had an economic miracle from to based on import-substitution, when GDP increased sixfold, while the population only doubled. But in later years Mexico did not grow fast enough to keep up with countries like Brazil and Indonesia, while oil revenues allowed the state to spend heavily on social programs and industrialization, in an atmosphere of increasing corruption and inefficiency. Many Mexicans became disaffected during the s and 80s. Yet the Mexican economy improved after the crisis, with average growth of 5.

Boomers Guide to Mexican Condos

The housing market had solider financial foundations. Interest rates began to fall, and lending for housing recommenced. Mexico experienced extraordinary growth of its housing market during the following years Inflation was now relatively low, and construction began to recover. More people began to borrow to buy houses, largely due to a big increase in government low-cost housing schemes. Bank loans rose. Reforms helped: better mortgage laws, social security reform with a defined contribution system fostering long-term savings, the creation of a long-term yield for government securities.

House price rises remained restrained all through this period, because the housing construction sector had become much more competitive, and many more developers were building housing. The wider economy also grew, and exports were very strong. However by Mexico was a deeply stressed country. By many Mexican citizens were tired of the fight they had first supported, with over 60, dead. He promised big changes, and was initially feted by investors. More than four years after taking office, Nieto is now struggling to keep his political head above water amidst the fallout from ongoing corruption scandals, escalating violence, and a series of political missteps.

The PRI won out of seats in the Chamber of Deputies in the June elections - remaining the dominant party. The three ruling parties hold out of seats.

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However the ruling party suffered a huge defeat in the July general elections. Obrador is the first president to win an outright majority since Mexico transitioned to democracy in , and the first elected president not to come from either the PRI or its predecessors. The Mexican economy expanded by 2.

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The economy expanded further to 3. Banxico Governor Alejandro Diaz de Leon Diaz noted that short-term risks, including the rising global protectionism, and volatility in the international financial markets. Unemployment stood at 3. Consumer prices were up by 5. Login or Register to submit a comment!

House price growth surges as a new president is elected in Mexico

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Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. And now, one of the most historic homes in the northeastern Florida city is coming on the market. New Federal Housing Administration rules make it easier for first-time home buyers to purchase condos — and for developers to sell them. Since , the FHA has limited condo mortgages to approved developments, with re-certification required every two years.

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Watch the video and read more at the Miami Herald. October 8, Share Email Print. Living too large: Aging baby boomers struggle to sell sprawling Sunbelt homes Older owners of large homes throughout the Sunbelt are struggling to sell them.

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